BIOGRAPHY Val O’Teli is a citizen of the world. In her wanderings, whether with her photographic camera or her pen, she seeks to c...

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Val O’Teli is a citizen of the world. In her wanderings, whether with her photographic camera or her pen, she seeks to capture the unique idiosyncrasy of a place and its people, documenting the various aspects of its culture and tradition, which later form the material of her fictional products.
The novel UNDER THE SHADOW OF ATHOS combines different forms of artistic and literary expression in an attempt to immortalize the life and history of the Greek island of Skiathos.

1. Tell us how you decided to write the book?
I wanted to record my view of the island of Skiathos and document those special feelings created by living there.
2. In your book you want to send some messages?
Just the eternal message that life is a gift we should not waste.
3. What is the response of the public so far?
It’s too soon to say, but I am hopeful the story and its background will appeal to my readers.
4. What is the sentiment of a writer who first grabs his book in his hands?
Indescribable. An outburst of all kinds of emotions.
5. How much do you identify with the hero-hero of the book?
To a large extent, although he is a mixture of different elements.
6. When you were little how did you imagine yourself?
I imagined myself as an adventurous traveler.
7. Are you sensitive?
Yes, sensitive to the injustice of our world.
8. What is your biggest fear?
Losing the ability of free will.
9. What music do you like?
Old rock, country and gospel.
10. What dreams do you have for the future?
To continue to be independent.

11. What makes you sad?
Injustice and poverty in the world.
12. Tell us your three features.
I am a dreamer, a free thinker and an eternal reader.
13.How can someone purchase your book?
For orders online email:📚📖 AENAON PUBLICATIONS: 2155016693
14. Are you preparing something else now?
I am writing my second novel.
15. How did you start writing?
It all started at a young age. The moment you realize words have power, you cannot escape them.
16. How many books have you written and what are they?
UNDER THE SHADOW OF ATHOS is my first novel, but until then I had written several short stories and a collection of poems.
17. What did you love most about your last book?
I adored the way my main character developed and guided me all along.
18. When you finished your book, who read it first?
A person of confidence.
 19. What reactions did your family, your loved ones have when they learned that you would issue your book?
They were enthusiastic.
20. How do you generally address criticism, whether positive or negative?
I welcome it. It makes me better.
21. What does your book offer to the reader?
An experience into the Greek culture and an exploration of Skiathos.

22. When you wrote, did you know beforehand the story or did you have direction from your heroes?
I knew how I wanted the story to end, but my characters led me there.
23. Do you or your hero define it?
24. What inspires you?
People and the way life surprises us. Fate and the unexpected. History and the lessons we refuse to learn.
25. What is your favorite song?
John Denver’s “Take me Home, Country Roads” – I move around a lot, so everytime I return home, I totally identidy with its lyrics.
26. What is your most happy childhood memory?
Our summer holidays by the sea.
27. What was the most important moment of your life?
The moment I found my vocation.
28. Have you become what you dreamed of becoming?
I can humbly say I have.
29. What is the biggest obstacle you encountered in writing? Or after writing?
Dealing with all matters that involve publication.
30. Career or family? Which of the two do you choose?
I do not pose dilemmas to myself. I am free to choose from both.
31. What have you regretted?
Not much.
32. What disturbs you most to others?
That people speak more and listen less.
33. What do you like to read?
Latin-american and Russian literature.

34. What is your greatest craving?
To achieve things that will stay with me till the end.
35. Who is your favorite writer?
Gabriel García Márquez and Fyodor Dostoyevski.
36. Tell us two things that you do not forgive in a relationship?
Patronizing and restriction.
37. A dream that you have had from a child and has taken place?
To meet my guardian angel.
38. Do you have a hobby?
I am a passionate reader.
39. What was the last time you cried and why?
When I watched a romantic film on TV.
40. What was the last time you laughed and why?
I saw a political cartoon satirizing the government.
41. Tell us one day of your everyday life?
My day is defined by my duties and wishes. I greet everyday as an opportunity to live life well.
42. What do you most love?
Spending time with loved ones.
43. What cannot you resist?
A delicious sweet.
44. Have you thought of any of your stories as a play or film?
When I write, I see motion pictures in my head.
45. Is there a literary character from your book that you would think of re-animating in subsequent books?
I’ve had that thought about my main character. Perhaps in the future I might revive him.

46. ​​Say something you would like the readership and fans to know about you.
I am a demanding reader and an honest writer. I would never have written a book that wouldn’t appeal to me first.

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